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Central State University

Central State University


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The Central State University Chorus is the flagship choral ensemble at Central State University. It is committed to the advancement of music as an artistic and academic discipline, a viable professional field, and as a prominent presence in the national and international choral ecosystem. The Chorus boasts a rich tradition of choral excellence. Performance locations include the White House, Germany, China, Prague, South America, and extensively throughout the United States.

The mission of the Music unit is to prepare a diverse group of learners for success in performance, education, and music technology by readying them for graduate studies or today’s job market. Through rigorous study in the music core, graduates are ready to be effective K-12 teachers, classical and jazz performers, and commercial artists. The unit promotes the music of underrepresented composers and arrangers and equips students to successfully navigate diverse working environments. Music faculty seek to maintain a high level of performance and scholarly activity in their respective areas. Teaching, performing, and scholarly activity occur live on campus, in various venues throughout the nation, and online.


Central State University Chorus


Active on campus and around the world, the Grammy-nominated Central State University Chorus is Marauder Pride. The ensemble of some 50 voices has performed everywhere from President Barack Obama’s White House to China and Spain. With the motto “Dedication, Passion, Discipline and Excellence,” the Central State Chorus highlights the contributions of Black composers and arrangers and has a repertoire spanning Bach, jazz, gospel, and rock.

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