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Tami Beale


Tami Beale is a self-taught abstract artist residing in the city of Bellbrook, Ohio. Her artistic journey spans over two decades. She began her creative path using acrylics, dabbled in watercolors, and ultimately found her true artistic calling in the world of oil painting, thanks to local art classes that broadened her horizons. She creates colorful and unique abstract oil paintings and mixed media paintings on canvas. Her paintings feature layers of vibrant colors and textures, resulting in a geometric, yet contemporary vibe. With her art, she strives to add some beauty and boldness into every space.

Tami is a member of The Dayton Society of Artists, The Contemporary Dayton, Yellow Springs Art Council and Springfield Museum Of Art.

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Tami Beale

I believe that art is a therapeutic endeavor. I believe in the power art, not only as a healer to those who create it, but also to those who immerse themselves in it.

Floating Circus

16"x 20"

oil on canvas

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