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Roxanne Grooms

Mixed Media

Artistically driven, after high school I took a job in the military as an illustrator, illustrating training handbooks of maps, uniforms, ranks and insignias for US Army troops in the field. I used my GI Bill and started my education at Wright State University then transferred to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where I also did a work/study program at the Minneapolis Art Institute. I finished my fine arts degree with a concentration in drawing and painting from the University of Minnesota. I studied and learned from faculty members, Herman Somberg (from the “Cedar Bar - Franz Kline” days) as well as Victor Caglioti, Tom Rose, Tom Lane, Jody Williams, George Creamer and Andrew Leicester, to name a few. Simultaneously, I pursued Corporate America in the graphic arts realm. That experience enhanced a professional discipline and commitment to my fine art.

I just recently relocated to Dayton 2 years ago after 25 years in San Diego. Suffice to say, Dayton has a great art scene and I’m proud to be a part of it.

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Roxanne Grooms

The duality of the circle, the perfect shape, boasts a soft and gentle yet strong and dynamic role In my art. It becomes a character amongst rich earthly hues, nurturing stitches or twisted threads which anchor it to the story while inviting you to use your imagination and play along.

The Dream

18x14x1 inches

Mixed Media on Wood Panel

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