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Rebecca Rowley


Rebecca Rowley (Becky) is a life long resident of Beavercreek, Ohio and is a linocut print artist.

Growing up near creeks and woodlands, she formed a relationship with the outdoors and the creatures who live there.

In 2021, she was looking for an artistic outlet and in one afternoon filled with sorrow, she found it.

Becky's Dad passed away on a beautiful and perfect day in September 2021. She found herself sitting on her parents front porch, waiting on a "sign". In the midst of her grief, she was surrounded by Monarch butterflies. In that few minutes, she believes her Dad sent her the "sign" she needed, the artistic idea to build upon.

"The Monarch and The Sun" was created in remembrance of her Dad. Pieces are typically created in a series of (3). The Monarch & The Sun is the only stand alone piece.

When not in her home studio, Becky works for Five Rivers MetroParks in their administrative offices. She enjoys baking and gardening. When time allows, hiking and camping are on the schedule with her husband Rob and their black lab, Peaches Marie.

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Rebecca Rowley

2021, I was looking for a new artist outlet. My Dad passed away in September 2021. I sat on my parents front porch while my Mom was inside saying her final, personal good byes. Suddenly, one by one, the Monarch butterflies began to appear. I knew in that moment that this was a message. I could see the image so clearly, a monarch rising with the sun. Even today, there are times that Monarchs, in photos or drawings, will come across my vision and I know that I am doing ok.

I prefer to work in "collections of 3". I cut linoleum on subjects that speak to my heart. Many of my block prints are over water color backgrounds. I love the way the subtle colors break through the solid ink.

I get excited when someone tells me why my art speaks to them. Connections are important and I am looking for those subtle and not so subtle connections in my work.

The Monarch & The Sun

5" x 7"


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