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Nancy Shuler

Drawing, Painting

Residing in Troy, Ohio, Nancy Beth Shuler is a seasoned fine artist holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the profound legacy of art history, she strives to cultivate her craft to create resonant experiences and forge connections through her work.

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Nancy Shuler

My passion for art has always been to identify what I find beautiful. I use primal forms and design elements to express what inspires me. I appreciate oil paint's plasticity and forgiving nature. Concepts are constructed from imagination to sketchbook to canvas. Harmonies and nuances are revealed in my paintings.
I love art for its mystery. Variables are intertwined and contradictory. That is what makes it stimulating. Compositions in paintings often combine unrelated elements such as geometry and emotion; a 2D platform appears to contain a 3D object; and color and value combine to create the illusion of light. Art goes beyond simply describing a thing because it accesses emotion. To grapple with all of this, expression must come from exploration and discovery.
Art has always amazed and intrigued me, like Monet's Impressionist paintings, or illustrations from the children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are, are examples. Every time I am inspired, I practice that style. Art naturally appeals to my personality which finds humor and delight in whimsical, beautiful, mysterious multi-meanings. This is the artist in me. The world of art is better than I imagined, yet filled with the same essence I had always longed for. The ability to create something that speaks to the heart and soul, while being captivating and inspiring, is a privilege to aspire to.


40 H. X 30 X 2 in


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