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Lori Daugherty


Dayton-based abstract artist, Lori Daugherty, enjoys exploring and experimenting with the encaustic medium. She finds that the encaustic medium provides a wealth of depth, breadth, and texture, with an added twist of mystery.

Armed with an arsenal of torches, hot plates, and air compressors Lori melds intricate layers of color with encaustic wax paints, inks, and shellac. She desires to take the viewer on an enchanted adventure while following the painting’s path, embracing the lines, the shapes, the color, and the texture.

Lori has been involved in numerous local shows as well as large exhibitions throughout Ohio. Additionally, she is a member of The Contemporary - Dayton, The Dayton Society of Artists, and The Springfield Museum of Art - Ohio. As a passionate advocate for the local arts scene, she actively participates in various local art committees and projects.

Lori's artwork is featured in both private and commercial collections across various states in the US including Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, New York, Connecticut, Colorado, and Florida, extending its reach to California and even overseas in China.

Lori’s studio/gallery called “Darty Art” can be found at the Front Street Buildings, which is one of Ohio’s largest art venues devoted to artist studios, art galleries, boutiques, and creative spaces. Lori welcomes the public to visit “Darty Art” during The Front Street’s First Friday and Third Sunday events of each month, or by appointment.

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Lori Daugherty

Inspired by a vivid imagination and a fascination with color, texture, and motion, my art frequently captures brief moments that have caught my attention. I'm known for my bold, colorful, and lively abstract creations. Captivated by the process, I create intricate layers of color using wax, pigment, ink, shellac, and various other mediums. As an artist, my goal is to immerse the viewer into the intricate journey of each painting, by exploring its depths and complexities.

It's a Swell Life

24’ x 24” x 2.5”

Encaustic Mixed Media on Birch Panel

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