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Erin Smith Glenn

Drawing, Fabric Arts, Painting, Mixed Media

Erin Morgan Smith Glenn is an associate professor of art, former VP of the board for the Dayton Society of Artists, and proud alum of Central State University. She holds an M.F.A. from the University of Cincinnati, respectfully. Erin has had her work shown in various regional, national and international exhibitions in Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Louisiana, Vermont, Texas, Virginia and Illinois, including numerous solo exhibitions. Erin is also the creator and faculty lead for CSU’s Fine Arts Study Abroad program, which has covered Italy (2022) and more recently, Paris (2024).

Among Erin’s lifelong pursuits is to continually practice her overall creative experiences, vowing never to stop “growing as an artist and individual”, while always striving to instill this concept in her students, mentees and her three children, as she does within herself.

When not participating as an educator or practitioner, TheScarvinArtist LLC occupies much of her entrepreneurial time, as she accepts painting and drawing commissions, and creates unique crocheted and other artisanal designs and mixed media projects. Etsy, IG and FB have been her main platform for showcasing her business exploits.

"Follow the gravitational pull within you that leads to a life of consistent growth and development through the pursuant act of creative imagination."

Erin M Smith Glenn

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Erin Smith Glenn

Nothing gives me more pleasure as an artist than knowing that the creative process is just that: a process by which I can explore my unique style while also staying true to the things that stir me most: advocacy, activism, HAIRitage, mental health awareness and even the constant discovery and utilization of Mother Nature, as she will always rule supreme. As an educator, I believe it truly is essential for us to hold true to our craft being careful not to become comfortable, stagnant or otherwise uninterested in the ever-changing world around us.

My greatest hope is that when people see my work, they will see someone who embodied, most of all, a desire to leave this world better than I found it.

The Bold. The Bald. The Beautiful


acrylic paint on canvas

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