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Emily von Stuckrad-Smolinski

Drawing, Painting, Fabric Arts, Photography

Emily von Stuckrad-Smolinski is a life-long Daytonian. Professionally, Emily has spent her career in the theatre downtown. When she is not backstage, she finds art to be her escape.

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Emily von Stuckrad-Smolinski

While there are many forms of creativity that have piqued my interest throughout life, oil painting has always been a returning comfort. There is nothing quite like opening a fresh tube of oil and imagining what it can bring to life on a white tundra.

My works find much of their character by using the material combined with technique to create a depth of texture unlike most. Choosing the touch of a finger, experimenting with a pallette knife or even an air compressor; these tools surpass any brush I have yet to find. Exploring past the expected boundaries, excites me as an artist and breathes energy into my pieces. The works come to life as the materials dictate the path each piece travels.

I often compare creating my paintings to running a long distance race. In the first leg, one must put miles behind them. The second leg brings a feeling of familiarity and comfort, finding my stride and feeling the excitement of the finish yet to come. The final leg is always the best and why I keep coming back. It is equivalent of “the runners high.” The stride has been found, the piece has come alive and with a touch, the race is through.

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