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Cydnie King

Drawing, Painting

Cydnie L. King was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and now lives in Fairborn, Ohio. Cydnie earned a Bachelor of Arts with Emphasis in Studio Art degree at Webster University in 2012 and took part in The Contemporary Dayton’s ArtSource Fellows Workshop in 2018. She taught art for Manuel Creative Arts Academy and has worked with The Contemporary Dayton since 2014.

Cydnie is also an exhibiting artist. She is part of the Women Strong Art Group/Exhibition and has had solo and group shows throughout Missouri and Ohio. Her main body of work explores the connection between humanity and nature by depicting figures melding into botanicals. She draws inspiration from her parents’ love of flowers and wildlife that they also instilled in her, despite living in a city. It reminded her of how nature is always around and that no one is immune to its forces. She uses bright, vivid colors to illustrate how inseparable humans are from the nature around us, no matter how hard we try. She mainly works with inks, soft pastels, color pencils and charcoals because she likes the fluidity of each medium together and the saturation of colors that help emphasize the power of the images she creates.

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Cydnie King

What I mainly focus on are my interpretations of the human connection to nature by showing botanicals as part of the human body as well as circuits flowing through plants and natural settings. This is to emphasize that parts of humanity are very similar to parts of the natural world and that the bond between the two is still present no matter how humanity tries to sometimes distance itself. It is also my creative take on genetic modification of nature. We want our plants to grow bigger, taste better, look prettier, but how often do we stop and consider what all these technological changes are doing to the plants? Does it make them look better? Does it truly help them achieve optimum performance?

Symbiosis (Circuits of Chloriciboria II)

14 x 17 inches

ink, ink wash and color pencil on paper

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