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Christy Veres

Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Woodburning, Etching

Christy Veres was born in Dayton, Ohio August 14th, 1971. Her family then relocated to Troy, in 1978 where she was raised and continues to reside. She did temporarily move to Louisiana from 1999 to 2006 for her then employer The Berry Company. She since moved back to Troy Ohio where she currently resides.

Christy has always been creative and enjoyed nature and the outdoors. She Graduated from Troy High School in 1989 and did participate in the Troy High school art program. From there she went to University of Cincinnati College of Business in 1990 and Transferred to Sinclair Community College in 1991 to study the newly created Computer Art program where she received her Associate of Applied Science in Computer/Commercial Art in 1993.

She worked several internships and jobs in the art field from Newspaper layout and design to T-Shirt Screen Printing design, sign making and Event Coordinating then the Berry Company in 1998 as a Yellow page Ad and Cover designer, She was promoted to Unit manager in Publishing and was relocated to Louisiana. She left the Berry company 2011 and worked a couple Factory Jobs F&P and MVP . In 2017 and illness halted everything and left her disabled and unable to work.

All the spare time was unnerving. Her family encouraged her to get back to painting buying her some paints and coloring books. She was resistant until her fiancé, Frank bought her a woodburning kit and from there it was off to the races....... and the rest is history or actually the Future.... She started Christy Veres Art formerly Gitch Graphix and attends Festivals and Markets such as 3rd Sundays at Front Street as well as online sales and Galleries.

Her Bohemian Folk style is well mixed with her refurbishing of materials such as wood, metals and canvases to produce her art work. She works with a variety of medium, Mainly Acrylic paint on Canvas and wood and wood carving but works with just about every medium out there. Woodburning, carving, etching, watercolor, oil pastels, chalk pastels, colored pencils, alcohol inks, clay and more. Some of her favorite artists are Ansel Adams, Georgia O’Keeffe, Keith Haring, Mike Elsass, and Matt Behyer.

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Christy Veres

I have been an artist all of my life always wanting to create for others’ enjoyment. It is wonderful to see the happiness on the observers’’ faces and to hear their thoughts, both positive and negative, on the works they are observing. I thoroughly enjoy creating art in different media and exploring new ideas. To create a unique take of reality. I am often sidetracked with by new media and projects.

My formal training in art began in high school in Troy, then at the University of Cincinnati, continued at Bowling Green University and was completed at Sinclair Community College. I currently take advantage of the many workshops and training sessions offered.

Because of my interest in many variations of art, I have a variety of followers interested in different forms of my art.

I like to create a unique version of the original in everything I create. I am inspired by my fellow artists, nature and others.



Mixed media

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