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Ching Chung

Drawing, Digital Art

Ching is a visual digital artist who creates bright, joyful and whimsical art for those seeking colorful sparks of imagination and meaning in their lives.

She has always captured her world via sketches and photography, drawing from curiosity, keep observation, and inspired ideas that demand expression.

As an Asian immigrant from Brunei to Ohio, her mother was a full time seamstress, and sewing was an important part of her culture. It instilled in her a love of fabric, color, design, and tradition, which she expresses through her design and artwork.

With an Industrial Design degree from The Ohio State University, she learned to design through the lens of human factors in all kinds of lived spaces. This was where she also learned to create 3D spaces from 2D sketches.

Communicating ideas via sketches came naturally to her in her work of luxury retail boutique design and then later aviation design. Her love of sketching and drawing continues to this day.

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Ching Chung

Ching creates bright and colorful digital art capturing whimsy and delight to those seeking a joyful colorful pause in their lives.

She processed her world very visually and most of the time that translates to mental notes and messages that comes out later as sketches of special inspired moments in time.

A thought, a dream, a feeling captured in bright and clear colors that bring a moment of whimsy and joy from digital to print.

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