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Bruce Soifer

Painting, Photography

I am a member of The Contemporary Gallery (formerly DVAC), Tri-Pod Camera Club, Professional Photographers of America. Also, Piqua Arts Council and Dayton Society of Artists.

My work has been displayed and sold in various shows throughout the Miami Valley.

I have won an award for Best of Show, Amateur, in " Light Up Dayton" in 2009 and 2012, First Place in Photography at Piqua Art Council's multi-media show in 2019 and Second Place in Photography at Troy Hayner Cultural Center's "Through Your Eyes" photography show. I recently received a First Place in the MAC Art show in 2023 in the People Category.

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Bruce Soifer

I am a artist and photographer, I have the eye of a painter, the mind of a camera, and the heart of an elephant.

My passion to capture the creation of art, whatever form it may come from; Nature, man, or woman. It could be a painter creating on a canvas or a sculptor shaping a clump of clay from their minds eye. A dancer leaping across the stage with grace and strength, maybe conductor directing an orchestra, interpreting the score of a composer. The moment a musician creating his or her music that moves us to sing and dance maybe cry or laugh. The Magic of the Sun Rise and Sunset or the mystique of the clouds interacting with Sun. As with everything so fleeting are the moments of creation that I strive to capture with my camera; Their passion, joy, frustration, agony, and the beauty of it all.

Sunrise at Lamar Valley



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