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Bonnie Kuntz


Over the years she studied different types of art both formally and informally at the Dayton Art Institute and Rosewood Art Center. She has studied with nationally known artists in their workshops. Currently she is teaching watercolor painting at Rosewood and for Sinclair lifelong learning. A Registered Nurse now retired, Bonnie is an active member in all of the local art organizations. Her work can be seen at The Artery at Front St. and currently at the Gem City Catfe, The Springfield Museum of Art, and Springboro Center for the Arts. On-line at Essential Artists and FrontSt. Galleries. She is also certified in several Eastern healing arts. She owned horses for 25 years and loves to paint them as well as other animals, florals and landscapes. Bonnie primarily paints in Watercolors, Acrylics and Mixed Media.

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Bonnie Kuntz

I enjoy trying new mediums and new subjects. My delight in Art is the adventurous uncertainty of it. What’s beyond my control makes an endless variety of techniques interesting, because of the unpredictable results. Much like life itself.

A Muddy Day at the Track

24 x28

Mixed Media

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